18th Century Accessories

Accessories Hand Crafted in the 18th Century Manner

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ClothesPin accessories Clothespins 
“in the white”

I make my clothespins with wood from the Aspen tree which is a light but very tough wood. The wood is almost white which will not stain your clothes like other woods might. The pins are turned by hand to give each one a rough charm and individuality that modern pins lack. These are great for drying your herbs with in the fall.


WatchHutch AccessoriesWatch Hutch-Curly Maple

In the past, the most common way to store a watch was in a watch hutch like this one. This miniature Tall Case Clock is a clever way to display a watch because not only does it offer some protection but it displays the watch as well.


PipeBox accessoriesPipe Box

This is a hanging box for long clay pipes the drawer is for accessories such as tampers, tobacco this style of hanging pipe box was popular from 1740-1800.
Dimensions: 18” high x 
5” wide
 x 4” deep


WallBox accessories Wall box

Wall boxes came in a variety of shapes and sizes and were used to hold almost any thing. This one could be hung on a wall or placed on side table. Great for dried floral arrangements!

Dimensions: 15” high x 
5” wide
 x 3” deep

Candle box
Candle Box

This candle box is a copy of one that was popular from the 17th century well into the 19th century. It was designed to be hung on the wall so that mice could not get to the candles which were primarily made of tallow. When hung up you can just lift the lid and slide out a candle.

Dimensions: 17” high x 
6” wide x 
4” deep



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